Who are We? i.e. Vision stuff… 

We are a group of people who are experiencing that the best way to live is with Jesus, in community and on mission.

What is CR’s Mission? 

To help people connect to the loving power of Jesus, to be transformed into his image and to share His love with others.

Why You May Ask???

Because we believe that one life truly matters because it matters to God! 


What to Expect

People frequently ask the question… What does a typical worship experience look like @ CR? Great question. We frequently ask the same question. The reality is every Encounter is unique. But if you had to pin us down, at a typical CR Encounter you will find that the overall tone is warm and welcoming. Also, one of celebration and joy, where we are holding nothing back in worship of our God. The energy level is high. The music is loud. And our demonstration of love for our God is great.

Our church is made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds and denominations who’ve discovered that what matters most is not a particular style, but responding to all that God has done with everything we are! We invite you to come journey with us.

The only thing we ask of you? It’s simple: relax. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you matter to God and to us. We’d love to have you at Church Relevant.