Our Values

God’s Word
His word is the cornerstone of everything we do here at Church Relevant. It’s provides direction, guidance and love as we seek after him.

Prayer acknowledges our total and complete dependency upon God. It empowers us to live the transformed, gospel-centered life that God has called us to live.

Life is better together… In community is where we worship and grow in our relationship with Christ. Community is one the greatest tools that God uses to connect us deeply with Him and others.

God calls us to steward the financial resources He has entrusted to our care. When we are generous with those resources it removes obstacles for accomplishing the mission to which we have been called.

God calls us to use our spiritual gifts to build up and to serve the body of Christ (The Church). Our service has the greatest impact when our individual strengths and passions are strategically utilized to accomplish God’s mission in the world.

Our global partners serve as an extension of the body of Church Relevant caring for the most vulnerable; impacting the great cities of the world; and creating evangelistic momentum in restricted regions of the world.